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Motivation is the search to always go further.

In order to be motivated, you have to know how to set yourself goals. And it is thanks to these goals that you will succeed in going far, in your field. Whatever the sport, what you are looking for is to be able to surpass yourself and to know your limits. So, in order to be able to help yourself to do this, the equipment you need is a connected watch or simply a good application that you can put on your smartphone to be able to put your different exploits. You will be able to enter, on this one, the information about everything you have done sportively speaking. This will help you to progress and reach a certain level. Of course, the connected watch can be quite expensive to buy, but you still have some that are affordable in sports stores. Of course, don’t take the most advanced one, but you can take something that still gives you a way to know your physical performance.

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We love golf, as you certainly do! But we also love other sports. On this blog, you will find articles about basketball, boxing, soccer,… Don’t miss our articles and come regularly!

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Concentration is important to play golf well.

Golf is one of the sports that require the most concentration from the player. In soccer, or in most team sports, a little inattention on the part of a player can go unnoticed, but in golf, this is never the case. The player, regardless of all external factors (wind, public…) must remain focused on his performance and on the point he is aiming for.

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