Golf is a mental and a physical sport. You need to analyze your decisions very carefully and gauge an outcome, and it will decide if you lose or win. Playing in the wide expanse of the greens is an experience that lifts spirits and delights. It is also a very versatile game that allows you to team up or play alone. 

Golf tournaments are important to generate profit for golf clubs all around the world. It also allows healthy competition between athletes. It gives a thrill of a competition that boosts the importance of every single shot. It also allows a great social opportunity to hang out for many golfers. 

What happens in a tournament?

In a golf competition, you get to play in teams or alone. There is a myriad of scoring guides and tee designs that you can be a part of. The most common golf formats are:

The Shotgun game

This type allows each group at a hole to begin the round. There will be a group of teams on one hole. It starts at the same time and is best suited for larger groups of people. As many as 60 players can be a part of this. 

The Standard game

In this style, each group starts from the first hole and takes intervals of about 10 minutes. It can be a little time-consuming if there are lots of players involved. It is best suited for larger individual episodes. To avoid delays, a flight system is used. This type is ideal for around 36 players.

The Crossover game.

This is a type of mix between the shotgun and the standard. The groups usually start from any holes between 10. This is best for average groups since not everyone from the shotgun can participate. This game is perfect for 40-56 players. 


Golf tournaments are highly sought after for their competitive edge and are played all around the world. Many players actively participate and play with their friends. It is a great outdoor sport that you can enjoy too. Get yourself enrolled in an amateur play right now for a great experience.